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The DIVE Platform

Inteveo’s flagship application, DIVE™ (Dynamic Interactive Video Experience), is the world’s first true product placement and monetization platform set to change the consumer behavior forever. DIVE allows consumers to purchase products from online video streams without any external redirects, all with a single click. Consumers can enjoy a totally enhanced shopping experience with instant gratification and no interruptions.

The creation of DIVE addresses the rapidly-growing multi-billion dollar global video advertising market encompassing retail, entertainment, fashion and other verticals.

Watch. Click. Buy™

The single-user interface of DIVE is designed to streamline the registration, checkout and payment process for the ultimate consumer experience.

WATCH: Enjoy viewing your favorite HD video ads with available products for direct purchase online and on social media sites. Explore detailed product information without ever interrupting the video or leaving the screen.

CLICK: Easily select a product from the highlighted timeline to add to the shopping cart while watching your video. View the shopping cart to edit your selection at any time during or after the video is finished.

BUY: When ready to complete your purchase just simply click the check out button. Log on with an existing account or register for a new account to submit your order. The entire process from start to finish is done within the video stream.

Generate New Revenue

DIVE is the robust monetization platform designed to help companies increase sales while expanding brand recognition. From transforming traditional advertising into monetized markets, DIVE can now change “brand awareness” expenses into new untapped streams of revenue, monetizing products and video content.

Reduced costs

The single, monetizing platform of Inteveo combined with Tapestry Media and Events is the solution for advertising. As partners with Inteveo, we have eliminated the need to plough money into expensive and inefficient multi-channel campaigns. Together we have formed a one-stop-shop concept that allows you and your business free time to focus on other resources.

Best ROI In The Business

By employing the DIVE platform for all your online HD video streaming, will not only generate new revenue but actually maximize your ROI. DIVE is a testament to true interactive video, which is an important part of search engine optimization plans. This alone is essential to a successful ROI campaign.

Advertising Transformed

Inteveo’s integrated solution provides for more than just video-based sales. The flexibility of the platform allows for the embedding of product advertisements in video content.

Synergetic Strategy

Inteveo is proud to provide a one-of-a-kind solution for the monetization of products and videos that transform traditional advertising into revenue generating medium. This capability is efficiently capitalized by delivering content to desktop, mobile, and IETV channels.

Technology sells

By combing technology and innovation, Inteveo has produced a platform capable of simplifying the process for companies to advertise and sell their products. Streamlining implementation allows companies to deploy profitable solutions at the fraction of the cost and time required today.

About Inteveo

Inteveo is an emerging technology company founded by a group of entrepreneurs and technology engineers who realized the need for an integrated online video advertising platform with true interactivity and revenue-generating capabilities.

Tapestry Media and Events noticed the vision and concept of Inteveo and realized the need to partner with the visionary company. Why? Inteveo is the first company in the world to offer a solution for product placement and commerce together as a single, interactive monetization platform.

The partnership between the organizations began with Inteveo’s core strategy, focusing on a triple play in the rapidly-growing desktop, mobile and IETV markets. The combined efforts of Tapestry Media and Events and Inteveo’s integrated platform are set to become a new standard of viable revenue generating video.

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