Film & Production

The breadth of our experience is wide. Having taken our film production around the world we are well aware of what is required to ensure the successful outcome of projects. The Tapestry team has filmed anything from corporate piece to cameras to conferences, fashion shows to music videos and documentaries to TV pilots. We’ve even event-organised and filmed world-class, international sporting events, that have been broadcasted globally. Our team is extensive, knowledgeable and boundaryless.

What makes us different to other production companies, however, is our ability to provide you with a truly end-to-end solution. Through our partner company, attraction specialists, Laws of Attraction, we can ensure that your production is communicated before and after its release through the most stimulating channels available – ensuring that everyone who needs to know about what you’re doing does, and that the buzz about what you’ve created echoes long afterwards. Moreover, we are able to monetise your productions in exciting and revolutionary ways through the use of DIVE technology, enabling you significant returns on your investment.

But, what makes us truly unique, is our ability to listen to you. We listen to you, we listen to your requirements, we listen to your goals, we get to know you and we get to know your brand. And when we’ve done that, we work with you to wrap everything up into a beautifully executed project.

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