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Tapestry Media and Events specializes in the production and integration of video content. We deliver a wide-range of exceptional HD media for a variety of life-style events.

DIVE™ is an exciting, revolutionary technology from Inteveo brought to you by premier partner Tapestry Media and Events in London. With DIVE, we are able to deliver revenue-generating opportunities that capitalize on the power of interactive video solutions. Together, we empower companies to create and deploy the best video the industry has to offer enabling consumers to enjoy an extraordinary experience and purchase products while watching video online.  At Tapestry we are very passionate about the power of true digital marketing and in particular the advertising capabilities made possible by the recent growth of online video. We have the expertise to turn your genuine ideas into effective videos that promote and brand your products and services.

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Chris Dickson – Managing Director

Chris DicksonMr. Dickson is the Managing Director and founder of well-established Tapestry Media and Events in England and the Director of Operations at Inteveo UK. For many years, Mr. Dickson has worked as a consultant for several prominent organizations in the region including Laws of Attraction Worldwide, OBE TV, Fashion TV and others. He is well connected within the network of well-trusted group of companies and professionals and is very instrumental to the development of our business strategy in the UK.

Mr. Dickson has adopted a focused logical-thinking methodology developed while formerly serving in the military in the dangerous area of explosives and mines. He has an unrivaled ability to undertake challenging scenarios with an open mind and develop solutions with short-term timelines. He is both pragmatic and methodical in leading the technology into different large industries. A skill acquired during his travels around the world giving him a great deal of understanding of the cultural factors affecting the way business is conducted in various countries. He is fluent in several languages and experienced in various methods of business development.

Mr. Dickson’s experience in the marketplace and keen understanding of our innovative monetization platform are very important to helping companies evolve their traditional applications into the best revenue-generating solutions. In his spare time, Mr. Dickson enjoys spending time with his trusty dog and reading books on various subjects of interest to hone his skills in the art of business and life.

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